Combating cost pressures, reducing burdensome red tape and relieving the tax burden are just some of the top demands of 1,700 of the nation’s businesses, according to the latest Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) survey.

Releasing the findings of the substantial survey in Canberra earlier this week, ACCI Chief Executive Peter Anderson said that more must be done to foster a pro-business culture in Australia.

"Faced with rising costs and a high currency outstripping revenues, action on cost pressures rank number one for 72.4% of business, with daylight between that and the next order of priorities on fixing employment regulation (54.1%) and relieving the tax burden (51.1%),” Mr Anderson said.

"These findings can't be ignored as they confirm just why the Reserve Bank cut rates this week - to take cost pressure off doing business. Next week’s budget and the next government must respond likewise, without requiring monetary policy to carry the full load."

Other key concerns revealed by the Survey are:

  • the increase in the superannuation levy (63.0%);
  • the current level of government spending (61.0%);
  • cost of red tape and regulatory compliance (60.4%);
  • tax system complexity (56.5%);
  • the level of taxation (53.2%);
  • complying with employment laws (52.1%);
  • Australia’s overall international competitiveness (48.6%); and
  • recruiting employees with appropriate skills (48.5%).

The survey can be found here