Members of the superannuation sector have warned about the risks of relying on technology and robo-advisers.

Industry Fund Services (IFS) chief executive Bill Danaher attendees at the Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF) that he believed more electronic and automated services were crucial to keeping advice affordable.

He said that complete holistic advice often cost fund members around $3,000, which is too much for the average person.

Mr Danaher said this is where the technologically-based services step in, but they would never replace traditional advice.

He said there should always be an option for people speak to a human being at some point in the process.

Mr Danaher was one member of a panel at the CMSF talks, which concluded that while robo-advice came with little or no cost, members were unlikely to properly value something they did not have to pay for.

It was suggested that such robo-advice services should be made free for those with low account balances.