Dozens of Australian scientists and experts have signed a joint statement calling on the next Australian government to prioritise action on climate change.

A total of 62 experts, including Nobel Prize winners and former Australians of the Year, issued the letter featuring a prominent graph showing Australia's ongoing emissions rise.

The full letter is available in PDF form, here

“The consequences of climate change are already upon us - including harsher and more frequent extreme weather, destruction of natural ecosystems, severe property damage and a worldwide threat to human health,” they wrote.

“The solutions are all available to address climate change, all that is missing is the political will.”

The group includes former Australian of the Year and Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty, former Australian of the Year Fiona Stanley and former WA premier Carmen Lawrence.

“Australia's greenhouse gas emissions are rising, moving the country further away from its Paris Agreement obligations,” the letter says.

“Whichever party wins government on Saturday, urgent action on climate change must be a top priority for the 46th parliament of Australia.”

Climate change is a major issue in voters’ minds ahead of the federal election, forcing both major parties to flex their climate policies ahead of Saturday's election.

The Liberal Party has a 26 per cent emissions reduction target by 2030 that it says will get the job done cheaply, while Labor has a plan for a 45 per cent emissions reduction target on 2005 levels by 2030.