The Federal Government has released two discussion papers in the lead up to the October Tax Forum.


The first paper,  Tax Forum: The Fiscal Context, argues  the importance of ensuring the tax system provides a robust revenue base into the future.


"The discussion of tax reform needs to be placed in the context of Australia’s contemporary and future challenges. This includes an understanding of the economic and fiscal imperatives that will enable us to secure our ongoing prosperity in a global economy that will continue to change," the report reads.


The Tax Reform: Next Steps for Australia discussion paper argues for ongoing tax reform to ensure equitable distribution of taxation revenue.  


The paper outlines the six major sessions within the Tax Forum:

  • Session 1: Personal tax
  • Session 2: Transfer payments
  • Session 3: Business tax
  • Session 4: State taxes
  • Session 5: Environmental and social taxes
  • Session 6: Tax system governance

The Tax Reform: Next Steps for Australia and the Tax Forum: The Fiscal Context  papers can be found here