A report commissioned by the mining industry and published Deloitte Access Group shows that mining companies are paying slightly more tax as a percentage of their income compared to the same time three years ago.


The findings by Deloitte directly contradict claims by the Federal Government that big mining companies are paying one in seven dollars in tax, down from one in three.


"The tax take has not fallen to the low levels cited in last year's mining tax debate," the study says.


The report puts the mining industry and Federal Government at loggerheads over the exact amount of tax paid by the industry, with both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan both referencing the accusations that the industry only pays one in seven dollars in tax.


However, the figures released by Deloitte show that the tax rate reached 41.5 per cent for the 2010-11 financial


Deloitte has indirectly accused the Federal Government of misappropriating key facts and figures.


"The data relied upon in the mining tax debate of 2010 were often inappropriately used," Deloitte Access Economics director Chris Richardson wrote in the opening introductory letter to the report.