There are accusations of extreme political pandering being thrown at the Federal Government, after it was revealed that it has so far funded projects in LNP electorates at a rate about three times higher than others.

Coalition electorates are clearly begin favoured for new money, according a Fairfax Media analysis of the Abbott government's 2014 budget , which showed the favour falls in a ratio of three to one.

Reports say several existing infrastructure projects in Coalition seats have received funding injections since the federal election last year, but a number of projects in non-Liberal electorates have had their money taken away.

The Warrego Highway in Queensland and the Swan Valley Bypass in Western Australia are among a total of about 50 projects which benefit Coalition electorates and now have more funding.

The Canberra Times reports that of the new projects announced and funded, three-quarters were in Coalition electorates.

Questions have been raised as to the role of Australia's independent body for infrastructure decisions, Infrastructure Australia. The Federal Government is accused of neglecting Infrastructure Australia’s input when deciding which projects to fund.

A spokesperson for Infrastructure minister Warren Truss has told reporters that the government decides on infrastructure projects with input from the states and territories and Infrastructure Australia.