Economists have been surveyed about the appropriate level of welfare in Australia.

The national unemployment payment, JobSeeker, sit at just two-thirds of the pension, 40 per cent of the full-time minimum wage, or half way below the poverty line.

The government almost doubled the level of JobSeeker when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. It introduced a supplement that expires on March 31.

After then, the single rate of JobSeeker (including the $4.40 per week energy allowance) will be just $287.25 per week.

A group of 45 of Australia's leading economists have been surveyed about where they think JobSeeker should settle.

Just four of the group said reverting to $287.25 per week would be appropriate.

Thirty-seven of the experts called for a substantial increase, 24 of which said there should be an increase of at least $100 per week.

Among the group are former and current government advisers, a former member of the Reserve Bank board and a former member of the Fair Work Commission's minimum wage panel.

One of the strongest call is for an increase of about $150 a week, to bring JobSeeker close to the age pension and 50 per cent of median income.

More findings are accessible here.