Australian tourists have lost a collective $360 million as a result from having travel documents, including receipts, passports and traveller’s cheques being stolen or misplaced.


Conducted by the Commonwealth Bank, the study found that misplaced travel documentation causes more than just lost money, but also have:

  • wasted up to four days of their holiday (20 per cent);
  • missed out on events/things they wanted to see (14 per cent);
  • missed a flight home (13 per cent); and
  • been unable to make a claim on their travel insurance (13 per cent).


The study also found that only seven per cent of travellers made digital copies of their passports or travellers cheques, beside copies being abled to be used to obtain emergency cash on fly home.


The release of the study coincides with the development of its new online virtual safety deposit box service – NetBank Vault, which can be used by customers to save travel documents in their online bank account.