Tech firm IBM is programming its way to more efficient HR.

The IT giant has launched three new cloud-based tools aimed to analyse and improve the human resources and recruitment markets.

The tools are products of subsidiary company Kenexa, which was itself formed from many separate HR IT groups and purchased by IBM for $US1.3 billion last year.

The programs use a data-mining technique called predictive analytics, where the information in a database is trawled for patterns, from which predictions about the future can be made.

The first new product is called Kenexa Predictive Hiring. The software uses databases of performance and behavioural information to find traits held by top performing staff.

These are used to predict which candidates are most likely to be effective, cutting time out of the recruitment process.

IBM has launched an internally-directed program called Kenexa Workforce Readiness, and uses predictive analytic techniques to asses skills and help businesses put together more effective teams.

Finally, a product called Kenexa Predictive Retention looks at exit data and workforce data to find which staff are most likely to leave a company, and why.

The programs are part of IBM’s Smarter Workforce initiative.