The Western Australian Opposition says recent Government figures are evidence that it plans to cut over $100 million from the state’s education budget this year.

There has been concern from many sectors over the impending changes to the WA Education Department funding model, with Unions and teachers outraged by the decision to cut hundreds of jobs in an effort to cut costs.

Documents provided to a parliamentary committee last week show the Government will cut $103 million from a range of programs, according to Labor MP Sue Ellery.

In the document put forward by Education Department director general Sharyn O'Neill, Ms Ellery says the following cuts are highlighted;

  • $2.03 million in cuts to K-2 education assistants
  • $1.74 million in cuts to Intensive English Centres
  • $15 million in cuts to Central and Regional Offices
  • $17.87 million in cuts to base teacher allocations
  • $2.3 million in cuts the Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs)
  • $3.58 million in cuts to management of anaphylaxis in schools
  • $8.1 million in cuts to the School Support Program Resources Allocation (SSPRA) that supports students in areas including literacy, numeracy, behaviour and attendance
  • $7 million in cuts to National Partnership Rewards Payments
  • $5.62 million in cuts to Level 3 classroom teacher non-teaching allocation

“The Government has still not announced most of the things that were provided.”

“We still don't know, and are finding out literally day by day, the extent of the cuts that will apply in 2013-14,” Ms Ellery said.

The Western Australian Government has rejected the allegations, saying schools have been informed for months about the changes to their funding models.

“The schools received their booklets over three months ago and all of the cuts, or the reductions in spending in those particular programmes have been identified,” Education Minister Peter Collier said.