Oil giant Chevron has been accused of running an aggressive tax avoidance scheme, depriving local coffers of millions of dollars.

This week’s budget announcement ignored a giant factor, one that will provide vast amounts of the revenue the Government needs to fulfil its optimistic growth figures.

Business groups have lashed out at West Australian Government's economic skills, following the revelation of ballooning debt and a major deficit.

Mining companies have avoided becoming targets of the Federal Government's efforts to reclaim lost tax.

Optus will invest more than $1.75 billion in mobile phone infrastructure to overcome stagnant profits from the past year.

Annual performance reviews are common across many industries, but new research suggests they may be missing the point.

The latest federal budget includes a range of measures with a single goal – getting more people to work.

ANZ has become the latest to take a dim view of the future of iron ore.

Analysts predict up to $60 billion of Chinese money will be poured into the Australian housing market in coming years.

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has written to the Federal Government, pushing for the planning industry to be covered by just a single professional association.

The big banks involved in financial advice have been warned on vertical integration.

Banks and utilities can help stamp out the economic abuse of women in violent relationships, research says.

An Australian academic says businesses still prize humanities graduates when looking for new employees, even when their studies have nothing to do with the job.

BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest mining firm, could have its credit rating downgraded.

HECS will soon be collected from Australians living overseas.

A new report is aimed at ending the myth that tax concessions for the wealthy help everyday Australians.

New figures reveal the five coal companies that receive most taxpayer-subsidised diesel via the notorious Fuel Tax Credits scheme.

Foreign investment in the finance and insurance sector has dropped, according to new reports.

The big banks are bracing for a regulatory slap-down from APRA, and are pushing out property loans while they can.

An investment in Australian Government Bonds is now as risky as buying shares, a one economist has warned.

Ten Network has posted its half-year results, unveiling a $264.4 million net loss after a $251.2 million write-down in the value of its TV licence.

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