The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has found serious conflicts of interest in IBM’s work for the Department of Defence.

Experts say Australian industries will soon pay for their emissions through overseas taxes.

KPMG has suggested those who take time off work to raise children should receive a super tax rebate.

There has been a big drop in investment in large-scale solar and wind farms this year.

The Bank of Queensland (BoQ) has been in court over small business loans found to be unjust.

Leaders of Australia’s major universities have agreed on new salary standards.

While APS wage growth slows, bonuses for senior executives remain largely unchanged.

The High Court has overturned a decision that could have seen long-term casuals get leave entitlements.

Centrelink has issued debt notices to JobJeeper recipients, but not the profitable businesses that enjoyed the subsidy.

Chinese iron ore demand is slipping.

A new climate report card has sounded a loud and clear warning that the world needs to do more.

The value of the global AI services market is expected to hit US$500 billion by 2025.

Australia has ranked very low in an analysis of OECD countries’ climate action efforts.

Regulators want input on a proposed BPAY merger.

A legal decision could reveal new details of discussions at ‘National Cabinet’ meetings.

Two companies have paid significant gas auction penalties.

The Federal Government wants oil and gas companies to foot the bill for decommissioning old rigs.

Court action has been launched against Telstra, Optus and TPG for allegedly misleading consumers over NBN maximum speeds.

New research shows how an imbalance in gender may affect aging.

An Australian expert has decoded what may be the world’s oldest example of applied geometry.

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) governor Philip Lowe says vaccination is the key to mitigating ongoing economic damage.

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