Even under the most modest global warming scenarios, extreme El Niño years will occur twice as often – a new report from the University of New South Wales says.

The Queensland Government has unveiled plans to build a $5 billion dual bus and train tunnel across 5.4 kilometres of Brisbane’s CBD.

Hundreds have lost their jobs as prominent mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar continues to feel the strain of a not-quite-booming resources sector.

Sometimes controversial economist Professor John Quiggin says a number should be put on the value of the internet.

Tens of thousands of Australians took to the streets over the weekend, speaking out about the need to fight climate change with realistic methods.

The finance industry regulator is considering publishing more statistics and superannuation data, to enhance transparency in super funds.

Media billionaire Kerry Stokes says it is unfair that companies like Google are a source of competition in Australia, while not having to pay taxes to take part.

The bickering has turned to accusation-flinging as a stand-off unfolds in parliament, with neither side willing to adjust the position on the debt ceiling just yet.

The Federal Government has unleashed the Productivity Commission on the task of investigating infrastructure costs, looking for the best way to deliver on their promise for significant improvements.

The Federal Treasurer believes the Opposition’s refusal to back the entirety of his attempted debt ceiling lift could lead to a government shut-down, as recently happened in the United States.

A new agreement could yield significant improvements for Western Australian vegetable producers, by linking them with local council resources.

The person tasked with delivering an ambitious Federal Government promise says enhanced trade between Australia and its Asian neighbours can happen – hopefully within 12 months.

At an address this week, Westpac’s Australian Financial Services chief executive Brian Hartzer said he thinks businesses need to refresh their thinking on workplace restrictions – encouraging employers to break down barriers that hinder chances at success.

Financial reports say the company that owns Cootes Transport will go ahead with its stock market float, despite its subsidiary’s troubles and safety review.

The Australian Foreign Ministry has announced its response to the unfolding tragedy following the devastation of the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.

The RBA has substantially cut its growth forcast as the Australian dollar remains high and mining investment continues to drop off.

There are a lot of smiling people considerably richer than they were 24 hours ago, as Twitter’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange shattered expectation, with the stock closing up 72% at the end of trade.

The Australian Bureau of Statistic figures show the jobless rate staying steady at 5.7 in October. Although full time employment fell by 27,900 jobs, part time work was up 28,900 across the country.

Three big players have come together for a joint venture which should see them deliver a seven-year road asset management project for Syney's South Zone.

An extreme offer has been made to over 300 Qantas engineering staff in a bid to save jobs.

A report by industry consultants and university researchers says nearly 40,000 jobs would be lost if car makers pulled out of Australia this decade.

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