Farmers are calling for the Government to intercede and block the sale of Australian grain company GrainCorp to Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a major group in global agribusiness.

The world's economic crisis response team will look at the prospect of more market volatility today, as finance ministers and central bankers gather in Moscow to chart a course towards global economic recovery.

The American mansion of Italian designer Gianni Versace is going up for auction, and is expected to top $US125 million when it does.

The former treasurer says Australia’s housing market could prop up the economy during a downturn in mining profits.

It seems the gap of inequality in pay rates between genders extends right down to children, with recent reports Australian boys earn more weekly pocket money than girls.

It seems a misplaced word is all it takes to upset the balance of the global financial market, if you are the Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve.

The Federal Agricultural Minister has signed off on a new emergency loans system for Queensland farmers, ending months of squabble and debate about funds for floods and fires.

Greece has been thrown another financial lifeline, with the EU and the International Monetary Fund agreeing to a $9.5 billion deal to spare the country from defaulting on debts.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has announced an independent committee will be set up to deal with State MP's salaries, after outrage over a planned 42 per cent increase to politicians' pay.

Troy Resources executives may not be all smiles after a friendly takeover of Azimuth Resources.

A former investigator for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the National Australia Bank may be looking to return to this side of the Tasman, after completing his contract with New Zealand’s financial watchdog.

Western Australia may be feeling the effects of a shrivelling resources market with job ads in the state declining for the fourth consecutive month.

The latest ABS salary statistics have been released and it seems medicine is the industry to go for to get the highest pay cheque.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has released a report claiming that consumers have saved billions since banks stepped up their disclosure on deposit rollovers.

Big Australian buyers are stuffing their warehouses now, anticipating more drops in the dollar.

Some CEOs are known for their near-inhuman dedication to their directorships, but it seems one former executive is happier to hang up his cufflinks and indulge a musical passion.

Researchers have found positive economic growth does not equal a happy population.

Australia’s ambassador to the United States says Australia is missing a golden opportunity by focussing on China rather than the US.

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