The Treasurer has mounted an impassioned defence of the Federal Budget, in an address to business associates at the Sydney Institute.

Several issues have combined to reduce the level of corporate social responsibility in Australia, a study says.

BHP Billiton says it will hitch its wagon to China’s rising economic star, as the nation moves from a construction-led economy to a consumption power-house.

A building in Norway has become the world's first to be renovated to produce more energy than it consumes.

Adding to the sense that many Australians are not doing it as tough as the Federal Government insists, a survey has shown that many would be willing to pay more tax in exchange for better services.

Federal MP and (possibly former) mining magnate Clive Palmer has resigned several directorships ahead of a court battle with a Chinese conglomerate.

General Motors has fired 15 of its top people over a deadly ignition scandal.

More voices have added to the furore over changes to lift university fee arrangements.

Consumer group Choice says high home insurance premiums are on the horizon, as climate change brings a storm of new damages.

Future teachers in New South Wales will have to pass a literacy and numeracy test before they head back into the classroom.

New estimates have shown the rise of gas as a major part of the Queensland economy, and regional bodies want to make sure they see a slice of profit.

Some South Australian energy customers may feel they are being rorted, with revelations of one company’s soaring profits.

Public servants have launched a legal challenge over changes to redundancy conditions, which could see some ousted sooner than expected.

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