The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) says one company is trying to bring in dozens of foreign workers to avoid hiring Australians for a massive gas project in Western Australia.

Malaysia Airlines is beginning a phase of overhaul and renewal in the wake of recent air disasters.

An unexpected jump in the unemployment rate has brought a particularly hard hit to youth joblessness.

News Corp has seen a 4 per cent decline in its annual revenue, blaming issues arising in the first full year since the Rupert Murdoch media empire was split in two.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is re-jigging its executive team with the departure of a particularly long-serving figure.

The Financial Services Council says the Grattan Institute and Financial System Inquiry are using shoddy numbers to argue that superannuation fees are too high.

Tech firm IBM is programming its way to more efficient HR.

Strikes will put one major resource port out of operation, but similar action has been avoided at another.

The competition watchdog wants to cut the cost of mobile phone calls and text messages, and is calling for submissions from around the country on good ways to do it.

With the results of a review still looming, insiders say Australian renewable energy is “dead”.

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