The Australian Tax Office is closing a string of its regional outposts, and is offering staff $10,000 to move to the capital.

Experts say Australian governments can stop corruption while saving money and even lives, through enhanced whistleblower protections.

Just 37 per cent of Australian manufacturers are taking measures that boost profit, productivity and market share, research shows.

Business leaders have warned that there are widening gaps in employment, wage and workplace equality in labour markets worldwide.

The ASTEROIDS Act has been tabled in the US House of Representatives, seeking to define the rules for a new era of resource exploration in space.

There are more calls for a federal anti-corruption body to be set up, as builders’ donations continue to trouble NSW politicians.

The mining tax is gone and the superannuation guarantee has been frozen, in a move seen as oddly contradictory by economic experts.

Re-awakening a dormant casino could be a big win for an isolated outpost, according to a report on boosting regional economies.

Lobbying leapt into high gear this week, as parliamentary inquiries and committees for financial planning become the mode du jour.

Research has shown that experiences bring better value-for-money than possessions.

The contentious higher education reforms have cleared the lower house, but it will be several weeks before the government takes them to the Senate.

Public Service Minister Eric Abetz says the Government is not using pay talks to cut wages and conditions in the public service.

Buyers are lining up for the first three West Australian government assets to be privatised.

A large section of Australia’s business community is in uproar about new competition laws, which they claim will make big businesses responsible for the finances of their competitors.

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