There is a spelling mistake on the new $50 note.

With 46 million new notes already printed, a tipoff to a radio station has revealed that the word ‘responsibility’ has been printed with a missing ‘i’.

The typo is in the tiny reverse text on the note, detailing the inaugural parliamentary speech of Australia’s first female MP, Edith Cowan.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has taken ‘responsibilty’ for the mistake, and says the misprint will be corrected in the rollout of future notes.

“The error is being corrected as part of a normal print run so there is no additional cost. We are not withdrawing or recalling banknotes with the spelling error,” the RBA said.

“These banknotes are legal tender and can continue to be used as normal. It does not affect their validity and functionality in any way.

“As a result of spelling mistake, we have reviewed our processes to remove the likelihood of such an error occurring in the future.”

The new fifties entered circulation in October last year, with the RBA at the time hailing its “range of innovative new security features… to help keep it secure from counterfeiting”.