The WA Government has demanded assurances from embattled tech firm Huawei that it can deliver on a $200 million project.

The US Government recently issued indictments against Huawei and is looking at imposing a trade embargo on the company.

It is part of a series of moves against the company in Australia and abroad based on suspicions that it is closely linked with the Chinese Government.

Huawei holds a Public Transport Authority (PTA) contract to deliver a communications system between train drivers and their headquarters in WA.

“We are seeking assurances from the company over whether they are able to deliver the contract,” says WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

“From our understanding, there are issues in relation to the import and export of components between the US and China which may impact their ability to deliver, but this is what we are seeking assurances on.”

Huawei Australia chairman John Lord says the company is not afraid of losing the PTA contract.

“We will give those assurances to the West Australian Government and the PTA,” Mr Lord said.

“We will give them the guarantees that we will meet all the requirements and we will make sure those supply chains are there at all times.

“There will be no risk to this project and we will communicate that in detail with the Government one-on-one.”

Mr Lord says the Chinese government has never asked nor directed Huawei to gather information for intelligence purposes.

“I have been over the last seven years involved in Huawei's highest level strategic planning groups,” he said.

“I've never seen any such influence, it's been free-flowing and in fact the points we address are: ‘What is that country's view on X, Y and Z and how do we meet that in that country?’

“So there has been no suggestion, no inference of any Chinese interference in our operations in other countries.”