About 36 per cent of Australian jobs are at risk of automation, the OECD says.

Boeing expects at least a $US1 billion ($1.4 billion) increase in costs related to its troubled 737 Max.

Microsoft’s market value has briefly tipped over $US1,000,000,000,000.

Home Affairs has paid an employee on the same day her underpayment case was lodged in the Federal Court.

The Australian Industry Group wants an industrial relations freeze until new senators take office.

Former agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce is defending himself ...

The Greens want to set up a $2 billion nature fund paid for by polluters.

Ticket reselling site Viagogo has been found to have broken several consumer laws.

Banking changes in New Zealand are expected to be felt in Australia.

The Tax Office is cutting jobs just weeks after receiving a funding boost.

The CEO of News Corp says tech giants Google and Facebook face a “reckoning” in the form of more regulation.

The NT Government has a plan that it says will see net debt peak at $8.8 billion in 2026/27.

The Australian Academy of Science has measured the benefits of membership of major global science organisations.

The ACCC has signed a deal with the FBI to strengthen efforts to combat cartels and anti-competitive action.

Rio Tinto has counted the cost of damage at its Pilbara iron ore port by tropical cyclones.

After over a decade and $51 billion, the federal government says the NBN will be completed by next year.

The OECD says the rich should be taxed more to help the middle class.

Uber has released financial details ahead of a public offering in the US.

Home Affairs is moving ahead with plans to privatise the visa processing system.

The Coalition has pushed through almost 50 appointments to boards, advisory councils and postings before calling the election.

The Federal Government says it will spend $129 million extending cashless debit card trials nationwide.

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