Mathias Cormann has made his first speech on the public service since the portfolio was added to his finance responsibilities.

Unions want a dramatic shakeup of the way employees can negotiate pay and conditions.

Shares in accounting software company MYOB have soared after a takeover bid from New York-based private equity firm KKR.

The Federal Government has commissioned an inquiry into the impact of mental illness on the economy.

Report say tech giants have been infiltrated by malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese spies.

A former ASIC investigator says the ‘big four’ accounting firms should face the banking royal commission to prove their independence.

The ACCC will hold an inquiry into the supply of foreign currency conversion services in Australia.

This year’s Shonky awards have highlighted some seriously off claims.

An Australian education expert has reflected on the Federal Government’s latest school funding policy.

The CFMEU says coal miners are acting as ‘accessories’ to casual underpayments.

A key economist says NDIS underspending could hit $5 billion by the end of the financial year.

An interim report from the banking royal commission carries some strong criticism of the financial services sector and government regulators.

The banking royal commission's interim report will soon be released to the public.

US regulators want to oust Elon Musk as chief executive of Tesla on allegations of securities fraud.

Patterns have been observed in academic grades of 1.6 million students, showing that girls and boys perform very similarly in STEM.

Advocates say progress toward gender equality in Australia has stalled.

Authorities say cryptocurrencies are are among new methods of money laundering by sophisticated criminals.

The Law Council says Australia’s decryption laws could make it the weakest link in the ‘Five Eyes’ network.

Oxfam says pharmaceutical companies avoided paying about $215 million in taxes in Australia each year for the last three years.

Federal Labor has given up its opposition the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) made a $3.8 billion profit last year.

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