Senior counsel assisting the royal commission Rowena Orr is summing up the insurance hearings of the banking royal commission.

NAB has adjusted its executive pay packets in response to community concern.

ASIC has taken action to stop cryptocurrency scams.

A new school funding deal will see Catholic and independent schools receive an extra $4.5 billion.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation expects to spend more than $7 million on administration this financial year.

Telcos have been put on notice to ensure their advertising is clear and transparent.

The Queensland Government says the Adani mine site will remain under native title until finance is confirmed.

This week’s sessions of the banking royal commission have exposed a litany of dodgy behaviour in the insurance sector.

Lawyers say Westpac could be sued for billions of dollars over irresponsible home loans.

A new report suggests Australia is facing a massive shortage of digital skills in the workplace.

Australia's run of jobs growth has continued.

Researchers say a revolutionary business mindset can be taught.

The pay gap between federal government departments is growing.

Thousands of people are seeking damages over Roundup herbicides in the US, causing concern about what will happen in Australia.

CSIRO has joined with law and tech firms to create blockchain-based legal contracts.

The gas industry has become the latest to call on the Federal Government to come up with a climate and energy policy.

Tesla took a hit last week after CEO Elon Musk took a hit of marijuana.

ASIC is taking NAB to court on allegations the bank wrongly took $100 million in fees.

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello has accused Australia's corporate regulators of falling asleep at the wheel.

A major business leader says there is “hard evidence” of unconscious bias at work at some STEM organisations.

Federal public servants from a range of departments will soon take part in cyber wargames.

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