A tussle over who will buy Australian port-and-rail operator Asciano continues, with two big players looking at a joint bid.

Infrastructure Australia (IA) has put out a 15-year plan for 93 major projects that it says will only be possible after big changes.

Multinational companies that avoid paying tax on Australian earnings could soon be forced to sell their assets.

Reports this week shed some light on the vicious in-fighting at the Finance Sector Union.

Australian workers are among the world’s most likely to take a sickie, and experts say it could show something deeper about our organisations.

Papua New Guinea is suffering in the same way that many of its larger neighbours do – as big companies in major industries come up well short on their tax bill.

Some Commonwealth departments and agencies are moving to top-up employees’ pay packets after the Federal Government softened is bargaining arrangements.

Former state director of the Victorian Liberal Party, Damien Mantach, has pleaded guilty to siphoning close to $1.5 million from party coffers.

The Federal Government has congratulated itself for the successful Federal Exploration Development Incentive (EDI).

South Australia is lining itself up as the new home of nuclear waste in Australia.

The competition watchdog wants Australia's major petrol retailers to explain their massive retail margins.

The Finance Sector Union (FSU) has provided an update on its pay bargaining with IAG.

Rio Tinto says its dividends will fall in future years, sending its own stock tumbling after the announcement.

The Norwegian firm behind the somewhat popular Opera web browser has been offered a $1.7 billion buy-out.

Over 50 electronics companies operating in Australia have failed to make the grade in a review of forced labour, child labour and exploitation.

Unions are hoping a new legal precedent will help them recover millions of dollars in lost wages.

New research shows the countries that emit the least greenhouses gasses suffer the most from them.

Royal Dutch Shell is cutting 10,000 jobs worldwide on the back of an 87 per cent plunge in annual net profits.

A new breakthrough could make wildly unpredictable global finance markets a little bit easier to judge.

Financial services giant Credit Suisse is sacking 4,000 people to counteract serious loses.

A new study says effective childcare reform could add tens of thousands to the workforce and bring a multi-billion-dollar economic boost.

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