Rio Tinto says its dividends will fall in future years, sending its own stock tumbling after the announcement.

The Norwegian firm behind the somewhat popular Opera web browser has been offered a $1.7 billion buy-out.

Over 50 electronics companies operating in Australia have failed to make the grade in a review of forced labour, child labour and exploitation.

Unions are hoping a new legal precedent will help them recover millions of dollars in lost wages.

New research shows the countries that emit the least greenhouses gasses suffer the most from them.

Royal Dutch Shell is cutting 10,000 jobs worldwide on the back of an 87 per cent plunge in annual net profits.

A new breakthrough could make wildly unpredictable global finance markets a little bit easier to judge.

Financial services giant Credit Suisse is sacking 4,000 people to counteract serious loses.

A new study says effective childcare reform could add tens of thousands to the workforce and bring a multi-billion-dollar economic boost.

Workplace analysts say it will be 2050 before gender equality is widespread in the global workforce.

The Queensland Government has given permission that could see Adani get started on Australia’s largest coal mine.

The government of India has announced plans to borrow 860 billion rupees (AU$18 billion) from overseas to fund irrigation projects.

The Federal Government wants the contract for the controversial Roe 8 project signed before WA’s next election, despite it still lacking proper environmental approval.

The Coalition’s centrepiece industrial relations bill will be introduced in Parliament today, and has already kicked off a furore.

BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are taking hits amid the ongoing commodities crunch.

Leaked documents suggest Clive Palmer could face a clean-up bill of over one billion dollars for his Queensland nickel refinery.

Treasury secretary John Fraser has warned that Australia’s prized AAA credit rating could slip.

Backers are gathering for a takeover battle of one of Australia’s biggest transport and logistics firms, Asciano.

ASIC has issued an update on its work to cut red tape and reduce compliance costs.

Santos has reported its highest annual gas production figures since 2007.

Australia’s environmental performance is down this week, but it looks like corruption is rising.

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