Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says innovative government is needed for improved community outcomes. 

Albanese has articulated his vision for a revitalised public service, driven by fresh ideas and a collaborative approach to governance.

During an appearance on ABC's 7.30, the Prime Minister outlined his commitment to rejuvenating the public sector's role in policy development. 

“Since becoming prime minister, one of the things I have done is restore the faith in the public service,” Albanese told host Sarah Ferguson. 

The Prime Minister recounted his engagements with departmental secretaries, stressing his message of encouragement for innovative thinking. 

“I've had three meetings now with the secretaries of every department. And what I say to them is; ‘We want your ideas’,” he said. 

This is seen as a departure from the previous administration's approach, aiming to foster a culture where public servants feel empowered to contribute meaningfully to policy formulation.

The full interview is accessible here.