The Speaker of the House of Representatives has rejected Labor’s attempt to sanction Tim Wilson for his handling of the franking credit inquiry.

The Opposition had pushed to refer Mr Wilson to the privileges committee over alleged politicisation of an inquiry he chairs.

Mr Wilson authorised a partisan website ‘’, part-funded by his second cousin Geoff Wilson, which gathered submissions against Labor’s policy.

Labor has pledged to end cash refunds for excess imputation credits for individuals and superannuation funds.

Mr Wilson’s website also signs respondents up to a Wilson Asset Management petition, run by the company chaired by Geoff Wilson.

In a statement to the House on Thursday, speaker Tony Smith said Mr Wilson broke conventions by creating the private website and allegedly coordinating meetings with a primary opponent of Labor’s plan.

Mr Smith found “the potential for interference”, but said Labor failed to establish that interference prevented the House economics committee from fulfilling its responsibilities.

He left the door open if Labor committee members can provide evidence that they experienced political interference.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Mr Wilson will assess close to 100 parliamentary inquiry submissions containing text that he wrote himself, submitted through his website.