The head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it is not worth spending piles of money on new roads when we can change the way people use current ones, and make more money from that.

The much-lauded infrastructure project that saw $3 billion spent on a tunnel under the Brisbane River has been sold for a song.

It seemed work on CITIC Pacific's huge $10 billion Sino Iron project would never be complete, but now the company says its ready to move into its early production phase.

Western Australia’s Auditor General says the state’s Health Department is losing revenue from private patients that it should be making, and has been warned about before.

Clandestine negotiations have been going on between Telstra and News Corporation to launch a Foxtel-branded broadband service, but reports say the talks have now hit a snag.

The European Central bank’s monetary policy is “an expansive monetary policy and it will remain expansive as long as necessary,” according to its Executive Board member Joerg Asmussen.

The massive wholesale trade website Alibaba has defended its unusual command structure, which has also led to it likely being floated on the US Stock Exchange, rather than the Hong Kong equivalent.

The University of Canberra has pledged to provide housing for all first-year domestic students as well as all international students from next year.

Some concerns from the public sector over the new Federal Government’s widespread departmental shake-up may have been temporarily quelled.

The South Australian Government has laid out plans to put aside millions of dollars a year for future spending.

Australia appears to be stuck-in to construction and renovation, with employment rates in the building industry at a record high.

There is a push on in Queensland to patch up compensation laws which some say are unnecessarily skewed.

An Australian company has received the go-ahead for an enormous project to build railways to carry resources across Western Australia.

The federal Minister for Small Business has instructed the Australian Tax office to lay-off on audits of independent contractors and the self-employed.

Researchers at north Queensland universities have reportedly been fending off waves of interest in their new robot arm for stroke suffers.

An audit has found Victoria’s three largest government agencies cannot be confident they are managing their spending on telecommunications.

A recent study has found South Australia is reaching an ideal mix of cleaner, greener and cheaper energy sources, with residents paying $88 per year less for electricity now than in 2009.

Anyone doubting the legitimacy of video games as an industry or medium has almost nothing left to stand by, with the release of the newest Grand Theft Auto game raking in over a billion dollars in its first three days.

A Norwegian high-roller has lost his attempt to sue an Australian online betting agency.

Short-selling charges for a hedge fund in the US have led to the resignation of two directors from the ASX.

JPMorgan Chase will pay nearly a billion dollars in fines to US and British regulators, after admitting its involvement in the “London Whale” trading kerfuffle.

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