While many complain about the specifics of high school curricula and broad educational ideas, it is worth remembering that for a huge portion of the planet the most basic schooling is out of reach.

Queensland schools will have to prove they are improving to secure federal funds.

South Australian businesses operating commercial solariums will be the only ones not compensated by the state government when the ban on sun beds takes place.

Reports today suggest former treasurer Peter Costello is likely to take over as chair of the Future Fund, with insiders saying it has been at the request of the outgoing David Gonski.

The National Farmers’ Federation says it wants consumers to pay the right price, but does not want government to decide what that might be.

While many Australian councils are quite strapped for cash, a push for transparency in China has revealed trillions in local government debt.

The Federal Government is toying with the idea of removing regulation for charities and not-for-profits, hoping to hold them accountable through guilt instead of law.

The Australian Taxation Office will look to cherry-pick new executives from top companies, hoping to bring in the best of the best for handy tax advice.

A Federal Minister has warned bad things will happen if wage negotiations are not controlled, calling on unions and employers to take it easy.

Almost $74 million will be spent on three new national Centres of Excellence led by Monash University.

To mining companies are looking for half a billion dollars in compensation, after the New South Wales government tore up their licences.

James Cook University (JCU) researchers say it is tough to expand their knowledge in a country where every dollar spent on research is sacred.

A botched raid based on a hunch has prompted the Australian Tax Office to rethink its policies.

Australian newlyweds will receive a $200 voucher for marriage counselling in a Federal Government effort to keep couples together for life.

Several nations have agreed that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement “is going to be completed and it is going to set the economic architecture for the region,” according to acting deputy US Trade Representative, Wendy Cutler.

China will soon have over a dozen free trade zones, following the success and popularity of one in Shaghai.

The Federal Government has extended the deadline for recommendations from the Commission of Audit, after the massive task meant the board came up short this month.

Mining companies in Western Australia will look to hire on short contracts for a while, with employment experts claiming a lull in resources recruitment continues.

Germany is dealing with the effects of its exit from the nuclear power game, with the country’s new energy minister looking to cut renewable subsidies to save money.

The underwriter for a major Australian insurer will pay back almost $11 million to customers, after it was found collecting a levy that had been ended.

Australian tertiary students and graduates collectively owe $30 billion in unpaid loans.

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