An Australian economist says the federal budget crisis does not actually exist, but has been made up to sell broad government cuts.

The world's biggest coal port has been sold for $1.75 billion, but residents of the city it serves may have been short-changed.

A Supreme Court ruling has stopped one council from increasing rates on rental owners, which several other regions have already done.

A new report by an international aid group says Australian banks have been backing companies overseas that engage in illegal and immoral behaviour.

Rio Tinto is about to start running its driverless train in the Pilbara.

A major toll road builder is sinking its teeth into new infrastructure availabilities.

The Federal Government has unveiled its white paper on the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), a main component of the Direct Action plan to combat climate change.

Another twist in the strange attempt to build a port in Australia, with the WA Premier saying Padbury Mining’s $6 billion plan probably won’t happen.

The Federal Government may be considering allowing universities to charge higher fees.

Close to half of all senior executives worldwide understand that the negative effects of climate change need to be tackled.

Australia will buy dozens of fighter jets at a cost of more than $12 billion, despite a raft of concerns about their design and abilities.

The Federal Treasurer says further increases to the pension age are inevitable, and that people should “work as long as they can”.

The state-owned company responsible for 70 kilometres of Queensland toll roads, bridges and infrastructure has been sold to private interests.

Adelaide’s water bills are officially “the highest of all comparable Australian water utilities”, and a new report blames the SA government.

A key employers’ lobby group has accused various unions of receiving big payoffs by selling expensive yet inferior income protection insurance.

Some of the most expensive schools in the country are forking out massive sums for new works to attract the next generation of well-off students.

As the government’s ‘razor gang’ sought out more budget cuts over the weekend, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews said tightening up checks on claims for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) would be a good start.

A plan to sell one state’s power poles and cables has already prompted parties to claim a share of the hypothetical profits.

Padbury Mining is refusing to break its silence on the identity of the $6 billion backer for a bid to build the Oakajee port and rail project.

One of the main organisers of a recent major film festival says movie companies need to embrace internet distribution and stop lashing out at digital ‘pirates’.

A hotly-anticipated tech company’s float on the stock market has missed expectations.

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