Tap-and-go credit cards are convenient for consumers, but Victorian police say they are also convenient for thieves.

Investment fund Hunter Hall is ending its relationships with fossil fuel companies.

New details show the financial services industry will pay $30 million less for regulation, with the release of the Federal Government’s levies to be charged to regulators.

The chief of one of the world’s biggest mining firms says protectionist trade barriers set up to weather the storm of the GFC are no longer necessary.

Department officials have been asked to to explain how a $1 billion cut to increases in council payments will affect regional Australia, and some are less-than-happy with the answer.

The Finance Minister says Australia Post will not be privatised.

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has lodged its appeal against a Supreme Court decision on the way councils can charge rates.

Four Australian Taxation Offices (ATOs) in Queensland will close, as the Federal Government winds down all regional tax centres.

Despite efforts to avoid it, millions of dollars in budget cuts will force CSIRO to close down several sites for world-leading research.

Coal giants say the Australian industry is being squeezed to its limit by high taxes and strong local dollar.

Some authorities say the federal government's plan to diminish financial advice laws will cost half a billion dollars a year for consumers.

Building products giant James Hardie may have doubled its revenue this year, but the company’s toxic past keeps knocking numbers down.

There is very little support around for Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s latest legal moves, which critics say are designed to spare his government the embarrassment hitting the LNP in New South Wales.

China has given its local governments a small power boost, letting them sell and repay their own bonds for the first time.

The architect of Australia’s significant education funding reforms has lamented their deterioration, just a few years after being put in place.

As the tough federal budget continues to take a bashing, a new report may show how government businesses can find some more room to move.

Some leading figures in the Australian research community say the $20 billion “medical research future fund” is a good idea, but will not work unless the policy-makers start listening to scientists.

The Communications Minister has been caught contradicting his own department’s figures in his attempt to spruik the Coalition’s NBN model.

An expensive few days at Leighton Holdings, as the engineering and construction giant pays out a $70 million class action and gives a $23 million golden handshake to two departing executives.

Analysts say the future of renewable energy investment in Australia is looking rough.

Higher education changes mean students will now have to pay interest on their HELP loans, start repayments at a lower wage, and universities have had their cap on tuition fees lifted.

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