The Federal Government is cutting $120 million from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's (ASIC) funding.

Some investors are outraged at the decision to appoint Tony Hayward as the new chairman of Glencore Xstrata.

Very few have escaped the cost-cutting blade in the latest federal Budget, and Local Government assistance appears to be another victim.

State governments are in virtually open revolt over the hand they were dealt in the latest federal Budget.

Public conflict can cost big companies in many ways, and new research shows how great that effect has been for one key economic driver.

Australian treasury cost-cutters appear to have scoured legislation for any mention of “clean”, “green” or “renewable” spending, and promptly hacked it down.

With the axing of 16,500 public servants over the next three years, the Abbott government's first budget has included the biggest staff cut in the federal bureaucracy for decades.

China has signed a deal to build the first stage of a line that will cross several African nations.

A giant is about to make its gargantuan presence known on the global market, with the public float of the Chinese tech firm Alibaba.

The Federal Education Minister has given the strongest indication that university fees will be deregulated next week.

Company directors have become progressively less confident in the Abbott Government since it came to power, a survey says. 

Two colluders at the top of a $700 million industry super fund have been brought down in a corporate expenses scandal.

The Federal Government has signalled its intention to shut several onshore asylum seeker centres, a week after the Commission of Audit labelled offshore processing a waste of money.

NBN Co says it will have to spend 33 per cent more for rural broadband, because it did not estimate how many people would want to be connected.

Queensland councils have pooled their knowledge from their role as key factors in the State's economy.

The Federal Government has given more details of a large funding pool created to help displaced auto-workers find new jobs.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in New South Wales will take a break to consider new evidence of “serious electoral funding irregularities”.

It is becoming difficult to find those who believe that the proposed ‘budget debt levy’ is a good idea.

The Victorian Government has pulled a pre-budget, pre-election move that few suspected – selling its Rural Finance Corporation to invest in rail upgrades.

Iron ore mogul Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has invested millions in a small Australian uranium company.

The ACCC has warned energy generators that they will have to pay back money collected for the carbon tax, if it is repealed.

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