Reliance on old technology is pushing up Australia’s wholesale power prices, and could lead to higher bills for households.

Santos investors have criticised a $6 million bonus for the energy firm’s CEO.

The ALP says it would cut government spending on contractors and consultants by $3 billion if it were in government.

AUSTRAC wants banks to identify and report suspicious crypto activity.

The Federal Government has been urged to increase university funding to save the higher education sector.

Experts say China’s demand for coal imports, including from Australia, will drop significantly by 2025.

New analysis has found media reporting on cryptocurrencies could explain their volatility.

Woodside and Santos are low on a list of energy companies ranked by low-carbon readiness.

The Queensland Government has rejected calls for an inquiry into lobbying and public service politicisation.

Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $61.4 billion in one of the biggest leveraged buyout deals in history.

Online hotel-booking company Trivago has been fined $44.7 million for misleading consumers.

Uber has been fined $26 million for misleading millions of Australians.

A UN report warns humanity is in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’.

A security pact between China and Solomon Islands has been described as “the worst Australian foreign policy blunder in the Pacific”, and new details suggest intervention could have come earlier.

Experts predict the US will fall into recession in late 2023, leading to a downturn in Australia.

The US Treasury has called for a major “reboot” of global finance bodies.

Welfare management could become voluntary after the next federal election.

Official figures show the Morrison Government has overseen a $700 million spending increase since its March budget.

Federal Labor says it will move forward with a national integrity commission if it wins the upcoming election, while the Prime Minister has blamed the opposition for delays.

A vocal opponent of current public health funding levels could become Australia’s new health minister.

Twitter appears to be cutting off Elon Musk’s attempt to take control.

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