The federal government has launched an expert review of Australia’s carbon credit system.

Experts say recent housing price gains in Sydney and Melbourne could be wiped out by July next year.

Australia’s credit rating has been affirmed by Moody’s.

New stats show Australia’s gender pay gap is about $40,000 a year for people aged 45 to 65.

Qantas is threatening workers over what has been called a “bribe” to accept a new pay deal.

The federal Treasurer has hinted at changes to the make-up of the RBA board.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has restored the National Electricity Market (NEM) to full operation ...

More progress has been made on the world’s biggest solar and battery project.

Crown Resorts has been given permission to open its flagship Sydney casino, almost two years after it was banned.

Samsung has been fined $14 million for misleading consumers about the water resistance of Galaxy smartphones.

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus says the Reserve Bank is in “boomer fantasy land”.

Questions are being asked about the appointment of former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro as ...

Stats show the largest marine oil spill in history did not harm BP’s stocks in the long term.

Australians who were sold defective Toyota vehicles can apply for part of a potentially huge compensation package.

The competition regulator has issued a report showing the scale of recent power price rises.

Research backed by some of Australia's biggest players says the country can cut 88 per cent of heavy industry emissions.

The Federal Government is working on a “capacity mechanism” to ensure stability in the national electricity grid, paying coal and gas generators for reliable supplies.

The Albanese government is being urged to drop prosecutions against whistleblowers ...

Australia’s richest man says there is “not a snowflake’s chance in hell” of a global recession this year.

Elon Musk has held an hour-long question-and-answer session with Twitter’s 8,000 employees.

AEMO has suspended the wholesale electricity spot market after companies failed to supply ...

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