Irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin have sold almost double the amount of water the federal government initially sought ...

Labour laws designed to protect full-time workers have led to increased hiring of casual staff and the adoption of machines in the workplace, according to research.

Australia’s trade deal with the EU is off the table for now.

Major health journals have united to urge the WHO to declare a global health emergency.

A review has found tough measures to claw back JobKeeper funds would have undermined the scheme.

The Tax Practitioners’ Board (TPB) has grappled with the challenge of identifying unregistered tax service providers.

The workplace relations department has admitted underpaying its staff.

The PwC spinoff working with the federal government will be closely monitored, insiders say.

Global authorities have issued a stark warning about fossil fuel demand.

Financial counsellors are sounding the alarm over Afterpay's latest offering, Afterpay Plus.

The ASIC chairman says Australia is experiencing an auditor shortage because the work is unattractive and underpaid.

Iceland's women's strike has garnered massive support.

The Federal Government is trying to curtail the use of contractors.

Research shows Australians’ stashed billions are costing the nation.

Reports say digital credential sharing between Services Australia and Service NSW has paused.

Experts say planned infrastructure spending has dropped by nearly $12 billion in real terms this year.

BHP is facing calls to cut executive pay over a $445 million payroll error.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has reported a significant decline in wholesale energy prices and demand.

New South Wales has become the first recipient of a loan from the Australian government's $20 billion Rewiring the Nation fund.

APS Commissioner Dr Gordon de Brouwer has candidly addressed the difficulties faced by both the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) and the Australian Public Service (APS).

The National Electricity Market has experienced a remarkable shift, driven by abundant solar power.

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