Reserve Bank board member Jillian Broadbent will lead an expert review panel to advise the federal government on the design of its $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation.


The corporation will provide finance to renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-emissions technologies.


The government also has appointed David Paradice and Ian Moore to the panel.


Mr Paradice has more than 20 years' experience in funds management, specialising in smaller company investing, and manages some $6.6 billion in assets through the boutique investment fund he established in 1999.


Mr Moore has extensive experience in banking, finance and actuarial experience, predominately at Bankers Trust, and is an expert in risk-and-return profiles of debt and equity financing.


Treasurer Wayne Swan said the panel would consult with key stakeholders and report to the government by mid-March 2012 with recommendations on the implementation plan for the corporation, its investment mandate and risk-management approach.


Legislation bill be introduced to parliament 2012 to allow the corporation to operate from 2013/14.


The government also has appointed Michael Vertigan as chair of the Energy Security Council to advise on measures to ensure the security of energy supply during the transition to carbon pricing.


Mr Swan said Dr Vertigan was uniquely qualified to advise on applications for financial assistance by energy market participants given his experience across the energy, financial services and government sectors.