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  • 2nd Asia Pacific conference on Business Process Management
  • BFSLA Scholarship and Research Prize
  • TEC Briefing Breakfast
  • Workshop: practical guide to pay equity
  • Mentor Program

Banking and Finance Conferences and Events

Mentor Program

Executive Women Australia’s Matching Mentors program is an educational, practical and social tool designed to enable professionals to come together to achieve their career goals. Prior to the mentoring sessions, each mentee has an interview with the program co-ordinator to ensure they can maximise the program.

The 17th Accounting, Financial & Economic Research Conference

Welcome to the 17th

Accounting, Financial & Economic Research Conference

Sydney 2014

Event organised by the LabExReFi in association with the Academic Council on the Global Governance Systemic Risk, under the auspices of the Financial Engineering & Banking System and sponsored by The Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics (Canada) and several other refereed journals, this conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from multiple areas of Acounting, Financial and Economic Science (Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economic, Accounting, Financial, Management, Marketing, Business Statistics, Business Law and Business Education, Business Administration, Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology and...).

2nd Asia Pacific conference on Business Process Management

2nd Asia Pacific conference on Business Process Management

Brisbane, Australia, July 3-4, 2014


The Asia-Pacific Conference on Business Process Management 2014 (APBPM 2014) is the second edition of the reference conference for researchers and practitioners in the field of Business Process Management (BPM) in the region. It aims to provide a high quality forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange research findings and ideas on BPM technologies and practices that are highly relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. At same time, the conference committee welcomes submissions with relevant topics from all over the world. A key objective of the conference is to set up a bridge between actual industrial requirements and leading edge research outcomes to the growth of economic rising powers of the Asia-Pacific region.

Global Business and Finance Research Conference

Global Business and Finance Research Conference

5 & 6 May 2014 - Marriott Hotel, Melbourne

The 2-day annual international gathering intends to  bring together  academics and  researchers from all over the world to  exchange and share their knowledge, experiences and research results about all broad areas of  Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Management and  Marketing, Business Law, Business Ethics, Business Educations and e-business.  This conference is organised by Australian Research Centre for Accounting, Finance and Economics (ARCAFE), Australia and sponsored by  Journal of Business and Policy Research, International Review of Business Research Papers, World Journal of Management, Global Review of Accounting and Finance and Global Economics and Finance Journal which are ranked by Australian Business Dean Council (ABDC), ERA of Australian Research Council plus  Cabells Directory and EBSCO of USA.

TEC Briefing Breakfast

TEC Briefing Breakfast

For over 25 years, The Executive Connection (TEC) has been helping people around Australia and New Zealand become better leaders who can make better decisions and achieve better results in their businesses and lives.

We help our members outperform the competition through enhanced leadership, strategic focus and practical solutions.

TEC knows what it takes to inspire, challenge and grow leaders.

BFSLA Scholarship and Research Prize

BFSLA Research Essay Prize & BFSLA Scholarship

The Banking and Financial Services Law Association (BFSLA) exists to foster and encourage the gaining of knowledge of that law and practice, and considering understanding and disseminating that knowledge among members of the legal profession, the banking industry and the commercial community at large.

Workshop: practical guide to pay equity

Workshop: practical guide to pay equity

Did you know employees are more likely to stay in a job where they are treated equally and fairly?

Many employers do not realise they have a gender pay gap and others, despite their best efforts, know they have a gap but have limited resources and knowledge to investigate and address the issues. At WGEA we are often asked 'where do I start with pay equity?' 'how do I know if there is a gender pay gap?' and 'what action can I take if I find a gap?'  

In May we are holding two workshops in Sydney and two workshops in Melbourne to assist organisations in managing and improving the equal remuneration for women and men in the workplace - relevant to gender equality indicator 3 under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 .  The workshops will cover:

  • introduction to pay equity
  • how to conduct a payroll analysis 
  • interpreting the results of a payroll analysis 
  • building a pay equity strategy and action plan

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