Concern has been raised that Brisbane City Council's investment arm could put $270 million of ratepayer funds at risk.

Billionaire James Packer has resigned as a director of Crown Resorts.

Australia’s most powerful union group wants to guarantee conditions for casual workers.

Australian creative industries are a major economic force, but a new study to creatives to go digital or go bust.

One of the main people behind the Government's big business tax cuts wants profitable sectors to help fund the reforms.

The Victorian Liberal Party is taking court action over access to a multi-million-dollar fund.

The ACCC is putting banks under pressure to improve their mortgage lending practices.

The banking royal commission has begun outlining the systemic drivers of misconduct.

US energy giant Exxon is part way through an eight-year tax-free period.

A new study has reviewed the mental health and wellbeing concerns of FIFO workers and their partners in Australia.

The money spent hiring contractors has almost doubled in five years ...

Unions are calling for a $50 a week increase in the minimum wage.

Australia has lost $90 billion in revenue from some of its most valuable resources, according to an Oxford University expert.

Uber X drivers earn about half the statutory minimum wage for transport workers, according to a new report.

Two of Australia's biggest banks are closing branches in regional New South Wales.

ASIC has revealed some crude and poorly-spelled exchanges between the people manipulating Australia’s money markets.

Cutting negative gearing deductions for the highest-earners could save the Australian Government more than $1.7 billion each year, research shows.

Tanya Plibersek has called for the GST to be removed from tampons.

The Fair Work Commission has approved the creation of a new “super union”.

An Australian class action against global carmaker Volkswagen is underway.

A new report slams Caltex for widespread breaches of workplace laws.

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