Superannuation group Industry Funds Management (IFM) has launched a national advertising campaign aimed at showcasing the commitment of the superannuation industry towards nation building infrastructure projects.


IFM CEO, Brett Himbury said the advertisements would demonstrate the 'virtuous circle' of infrastructure investment; securing superannuation returns for institutional clients and therefore ultimately for working Australians, coupled with the development of ports, transport hubs and power stations that expand the nation's economic capacity. 


"There's a compelling logic to infrastructure investment because it delivers solid, secure returns to investors while simultaneously expanding our nation's economic capacity and boosting productivity," Mr Himbury said. 


The campaign will aim to highlight a number of infrastructure assets IFM is associated with, including Adelaide Airport, Southern Cross Station and the Port of Brisbane.


"This campaign signals to the Australian public that IFM - on behalf of the institutional investors who entrust us to manage their money - are committed to laying solid foundations, both for the retirement savings of hard working Australians and the broader economic health of the nation," Mr Himbury said.