Future teachers in New South Wales will have to pass a literacy and numeracy test before they head back into the classroom.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has announced the extra testing for education students, which will be a requirement before starting their final-year practicum.

The program will be rolled-out across NSW from mid-2015 as part of a push to improve the basic level of teacher education.

The test came as a result of concerns that many new teachers struggled to explain maths and grammar concepts outside of the set curriculum.

The concerns were reportedly raised numerous times in a review process throughout last year.

“We have great teachers in NSW and now we are taking further steps to improve the quality of teaching for the next generation of teachers," Mr Piccoli said in a statement.

The Education Minister said these will not be simple re-runs of core skills, but genuinely difficult and complex.

Students will be allowed to sit the test as many times as is necessary.

“Other professions set their own standards externally from what the university does,” Mr Piccoli told the ABC.

“Lawyers do it, accountants do it, doctors do it, and we're doing a similar thing in education.

“To be registered and accredited to teach in NSW, you'll need to have passed this literacy and numeracy test.”

The tests will be conducted online, and will include a writing exercise combined with fundamental literacy and numeracy skills,

The program is being developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).