National Australia Bank will no longer pay commissions to people who refer new loans.

A national survey has found health insurance costs are at the top of the list of household worries.

A new report says major power companies have used the closure of Hazelwood to gouge customers.

An investors’ report says Labor’s housing plans will lead to lower property prices and higher rents.

The AFP has raided the offices of an online foreign currency broker accused of harassing and pressuring clients into losing thousands.

Google has been fined 1.49 billion euros ($2.38 billion) for disadvantaging rivals on its search platform.

Westpac is ditching its loss-making financial advice business and will cut around 900 full-time jobs in the process.

A review has called for jail time for employers who exploit migrant workers.

Over 100 labour market experts have signed an open letter calling for higher wages.

Reports suggest there will be an audit of the way in which the Home Affairs Department hired contractor Paladin on Manus Island.

BHP is pouring $1.34 billion into petroleum prospects off the United States and Mexico.

Reports say Australian coal exports are still being delayed on their way to China.

A new study has slammed Bitcoin mining technology for its large environmental costs.

A review has found the ATO’s debt collection processes are not a “cash grab”.

The Federal Government has backed away from a banking royal commission's recommendation on mortgage commissions.

The Department of Home Affairs is investigating the $423 million contract awarded to the little-known Paladin Group.

The High Court has ruled on a native title case considered one of the biggest since Mabo.

The Reserve Bank says it will have to account for climate change when setting interest rates.

Visa rules are being relaxed so farmers can more easily hire skilled workers.

A massive investor group has warned that the Federal Government’s emissions policy is unlikely to be much help.

AEMO and CSIRO say wind and solar are clearly the cheapest new forms of electricity generation.

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