Australia’s military and defence spending is reaching an eye-watering level.

The ACCC wants input on Google’s proposed acquisition of Fitbit.

Australia’s big banks have been slammed for their lax cyber security practices.

Economists have been surveyed about the appropriate level of welfare in Australia.

The UK is setting up a new watchdog for Google, Facebook and other tech giants.

New data shows a decline in employer action on gender equality prior to the impact of COVID-19.

Outgoing finance minister Mathias Cormann is flying around Europe on a private RAAF jet to bid for a new job at the OECD.

Destroyed documents at the heart of a grants controversy in NSW have been recovered.

Research shows JobKeeper, JobSeeker and Coronavirus Supplement saved 500,000 families from financial distress.

Telstra has admitted to “exploiting” remote Indigenous communities.

Qantas workers have warned safety could suffer if big outsourcing plans proceed.

Scott Morrison has suggested he may not use Kyoto ‘carry-over’ credits to help meet Paris agreement targets.

Authorities are questioning the Victorian Government’s planned electric vehicle tax.

Apple has reached a $150 million settlement over ‘throttling’ in the US.

Crown Resorts has been barred from opening its new $2.2 billion Sydney casino after admitting likely money laundering.

NAB is beginning to compensate staff after being slammed for massive underpayment.

Police have raided union offices across Sydney, but the unions say they are missing some big issues.

The Productivity Commission says mental illness costs the Australian economy $220 billion each year.

Australia has signed the world's largest trade deal.

Experts say the federal push to increase gas production is likely to benefit gas exporters, not manufacturers.

The Robodebt Class Action appears to have been settled.

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